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You may think child sponsorship is too much of an undertaking.  After all, you commit to pay money to your chosen charity, normally by direct debit, every month for an indefinite period (altough you may stop at any time).  Most people are put off by this commitment, but it can cost as little as 40p a day.  And the difference your donation makes to your sponsored child, their family and their community is immeasurable.  Unlike other charitable donations where your money goes into one big pot and you never really see the tangible effect it makes, the beauty of child sponsorship is that you have a direct link into the community you are helping.  You are kept informed of how your money is being spent, and how, over time, it helps your sponsored child's family.  Fantastic.

Your 40p a day would help to ensure your sponsored child, their family and their community, have access to things we take for granted, essentials such as:

  • safe drinking water
  • enough food to eat
  • an education
  • basic medical care
  • adequate shelter and sanitation

(For full details on all projects undertaken by each sponsorship charity in every country they work, please use the links in the "where they work" section of our Which Charity? page, or via the links on the Stats & Facts page.)

Put yourself in their shoes - how would you feel if you had to watch your son or daughter die from starvation or a preventable disease?  They don't love their children any less than you just because they're poor.  And don't think it gets easier because it happens so often......

Think about it....what's 40p these days - a cup of tea, a newspaper, a mars bar!  Not much.  So next time, rather than pocket a handful of shrapnel that weighs you down, put it to one side and send it to someone who really needs it.  

To the average wage earner on about £22,000 p.a, 40p a day, or £144 per year, represents not much more than 0.5% of your income.  However, to the average Ethiopian family living on just $90 p.a. (see the Stats & Facts page) this quadruples their income!  I should point out this is not a direct comparison as much of the money is spent on community projects, but it gives you an idea of the scale involved.

You'll never feel better about spending your money - it'll give you a great feeling of satisfaction that you're actually making a difference.

One very important point to add, if you sign-up to the Inland Revenue's Gift Aid scheme, your chosen charity will be able to claim back 28p in tax of every pound you donate.  This has no effect on your tax status, and if you're a higher rate taxpayer, then you can claim tax relief yourself on the difference between the basic and higher rates of tax.  This means that for every £100 you donate, your charity (and therefore your sponsored child's community) will receive £128, and you could claim back £23 from the Inland Revenue.  We strongly recommend that all sponsors sign up to the gift aid scheme, everyone's a winner - except the Revenue!

Or think of it this way, for every £100 you donate:

  • the sponsored child's community get £128
  • you get £23 back
  • and the Inland Revenue cough up £51

How good is that!!

We found this short story when surfing the net researching this site.  It sums up nicely one of the many reasons why you should sponsor a child, and is a good answer to this question.

"One day a man was walking along the sea shore and he noticed thousands and thousands of starfish washed up on the beach.  As he walked on he came across a little girl who was picking up the starfish and throwing them back into the sea.  "You're wasting your time", he shouted to the little girl, "There's too many, what difference is it going to make, they're all going to die".  The little girl picked up another starfish, threw it back into the sea and said, "It's made a difference to that one"."

There's much to consider when deciding to become a sponsor.  We’ve listed below some of the more important ones to hopefully make the decision easier:

Which Country

You may decide you want to sponsor a child from a country you have a particular affinity with, maybe because you’ve had a holiday there, or know someone from that country.  Alternatively, you may choose a country because its been hardest hit by a recent natural disaster, political upheaval or war.  Or you may simply decide you want to sponsor a child in an historically poor country, as you think this will have the biggest impact and most benefit.  (There is some useful information in this regard on the Stats & Facts page.)

Which Charity

As you can see from the Which Charity? page, there are many UK based registered charities offering child sponsorship.  These range from large, well established charities with thousands of sponsored children in many countries around the world, to much smaller charities that may only sponsor a few dozen children in one country.  The choice of charity may be dependent on which country you choose, or indeed it could be the other way round if you’re very keen to sponsor through a particular charity and consequently pick one of the countries they are active in.

If you choose a charity that's not listed on this site, make sure its registered with the Charity Commission.  In this way you can be sure the charity is regulated and that your money will be spent effectively and appropriately.  If you find a registered child sponsorship charity not included on this site, please tell us and we’ll add it immediately.

What's your budget

If you’re on a very tight budget, then some of the smaller charities accept donations of only £5 per month, and this can be even smaller if you wish to share the sponsorship with others.  However, most charities request a minimum of £12 per month, but you’re more than welcome to donate more.  If you wish to donate more than the minimum, then we’d suggest you consider sponsoring 2 or more children (maybe from different countries) rather than a larger amount to 1 child.  In this way, your money is spread wider and benefits more people overall. 

(Details of the minimum monthly donation for each charity are contained on the Which Charity? page.)


Some charities have a strong affiliation with a particular religion, and their projects are designed to bring up their sponsored children in line with this faith.  If this goes against your own beliefs then clearly you should choose an appropriate charity or one that is not religion oriented.

"Today, across the world, 1.3 billion people live on less than one dollar a day; 1.3 billion have no access to clean water; 3 billion have no access to sanitation; 2 billion have no access to electricity."

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